The True Effects of Mixing Drugs with Alcohol Finally Revealed

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Drug addiction alone is dangerous in nature. More so if it is combined with alcohol addiction. There are many risk factors that can be lethal when an addict chose to combine alcohol and drugs. Mixing alcohol with drugs can quickly cause serious threat to your health and life. People may experience a variety of side effects depending on the type of drugs that is mixed with alcohol.

Several effects can occur when you mix alcohol and drugs together, including the following:

Organ Failure

Organs such as the kidneys and liver can sometimes be unable to process the amount of substances that goes into the body especially when drugs and alcohol were combined. Organ failure is a risk for every individual who abuses both drugs and alcohol at the same time. Although sometimes abusing even one of these substances is enough to cause organ failure. The chances of suffering life-threatening side effects increase greatly by mixing two harmful substances.

Internal Bleeding

Prescription drugs like narcotic pain killers can occasionally cause internal bleeding in the gastrointestinal organs such as the stomach on their own. If alcohol and narcotics were consumed simultaneously, the internal bleeding may become much worse because alcohol acts as a blood thinner.

Heart Complications

Drugs alone affect the heart, as well as alcohol when abused. Combining the two can trigger the heart to malfunction due to the mixed effects brought on by the two substances. Heart attacks, strokes and blood clots are some of the life-threatening effects that may be experienced

Respiratory Complications

Alcohol slows down the body’s system and functions, thus, making it a depressant. When other depressants like Ativan or Xanax are mixed with alcohol, the whole respiratory system can be affected causing irregular or slowed breathing pattern. Death from oxygen deprivation may result.

Addiction treatment is extremely important for every individual suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Establishing an alcohol and drug addiction intervention in Colorado can help the addicted individual to recognize the extent of the problem and the underlying issues of addiction. It will also help them to seek for a drug rehab treatment.

Entering an alcohol or drug rehab treatment center can safely end the dangerous consequences that come along with addiction. Patients will be able to learn how to manage all the symptoms and will be treated with the highest levels of treatment care. Some drug rehab treatment center also provides different therapies that are very effective in achieving long-term sobriety.

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