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Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Lakewood, CO Call 720 450-8629 to Find Help Immediately! Drug and alcohol dependency ruins lives; it traps addicts with feelings of shame and guilt, and tests the limits of how much pain one person can withstand. At Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Lakewood, there are individuals who know that drug dependency can be beat, and who can be there to lend a hand to addicts who are ready to free themselves from the negative emotions that drug addiction feeds on. Just like cancer, drug and alcohol dependency has been medically confirmed as a disease. The trained experts at all our locations provide specialized treatments for drug and alcohol abuse, and make sure that our clients get the highest quality of care. Call now to talk to an addiction professional at Programs Recovery Treatment!

What’s Drug Addiction?

Substance abuse usually begins with a single experiment, but it doesn’t take long before uses discover that they want more drugs, more often, just to feel good. When substance abuse increases in volume and frequency, it is harder to function without the drug because of the debilitating effects of withdrawal symptoms. Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Lakewood, CO provides treatment for substance addiction, which is the physical and/or psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol that develops in response to using legal and illegal drugs.

  • Physical dependency happens after repeated drug abuse has interrupted the communication between nerve cells in the brain, so that drug use becomes the only way to trigger pleasure-giving chemicals.
  • Psychological dependency, which takes longer to develop, is when the addict wants drugs to feel happy or normal again, and experiences stress and anxiety at the thought of not having the ability to use. them

To deal with dependency successfully and comprehensively, it is very important to address both the physical and psychological dependence on drugs. Drug Addiction Centers Colorado has the staff, experience, and passion needed to assist individuals who are afflicted by drug addiction. We offer:

  • group and individual therapy
  • structured physical activities
  • access to the 12-step community
  • a knowledgeable and supportive aftercare staff
  • lovely, luxurious reasonably priced living accommodations

Our programs are created to address every client’s specific needs, in order to provide them with the best probability for success. We rely a variety of fact-based, constructive, affordable therapies to satisfy our clients’ diverse needs, even though many other treatment centers don’t meet these high standards.

What Is Rehab?

Rehab, or rehabilitation, is the complex process by which an addict:

  • withdraws from their drug of abuse
  • participates in various kinds of counseling that help the person acknowledge their pro blems
  • analyzes their excuses for using
  • makes behavioral changes that will support long-term sobriety
  • learns how to prevent relapses and temptation

A team of recovery experts is responsible for the various parts of recovery that Drug Detoxification Rehab manages, such as:

  • evaluation
  • medical care
  • therapy
  • education
  • lifestyle skills training
  • drug and alcohol testing
  • relapse prevention training
  • introduction to self-help and support groups
  • treatment of mental problems and emotional problems
  • family education and therapy
  • follow-up care

How Rehab Care Treatment Services Addresses Dependency

By combining inpatient and outpatient care, we are able to provide round-the-clock supervision along with the freedoms necessary to learn to function in society. While living in upscale, comfortable residential accommodations, clients participate in:

  • group and individual therapy
  • behavioral modeling treatment
  • self-help group meetings every day
  • recreational activities
  • daily trips to the gym
  • various social activities

Rehabilitation Drug’s recovery professionals are available at 720-450-8629 for additional details concerning rehabilitation locations, the effects of drug abuse, or substance abuse in general.