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Rehab Care Treatment Services

Getting into sobriety after a long time of being addicted to a substance can be one of the major changes you have to deal with in life. It will certainly change many aspects of your life in positive ways.   To make these positive changes happen, you will have to enter an addiction rehabilitation that has […]


Drug addiction alone is dangerous in nature. More so if it is combined with alcohol addiction. There are many risk factors that can be lethal when an addict chose to combine alcohol and drugs. Mixing alcohol with drugs can quickly cause serious threat to your health and life. People may experience a variety of side […]


Are you or someone you love addicted to ecstasy? While some people think that it isn’t possible to get addicted to ecstasy, it does happen, and it can disrupt a person’s life just as thoroughly as addiction to any other drug. Most ecstasy addicts do not develop a physical dependence on ecstasy, but a psychological […]

Alcoholism Effects on The Body

Alcohol should be drunk moderately. It could affect you physically and emotionally if you lose control over it and slowly damaging your body, including the brain, heart, lungs and the stomach. Heavy drinking also can lead to sexual dysfunction in men, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and lowered sexual appetite in women. Babies born to alcoholic […]

Health Hazards of Teens Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana is the most common addictive substance abused by teens. The percentage of youth that are using marijuana has increased in the past several years. In the year 2010, nearly about 150,000 youth’s ages 20 years old or younger were admitted in emergency department involved marijuana use. High percentage of marijuana use by adolescents can […]

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